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  • Wednesday, November 19, 2014 {7:30 AM}
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    T W O

    T H O U S A N D

    F O U R T E E N

    One of the worst and the best fucking year ever.

    Chapter 1:
    Beautiful Climb To 2014

    Chapter 2:
    Eunice The Motherly Slut.

    Chapter 3:
    Hello Sean.

    Chapter 4:
    It's Okay. It's Always Okay.

    Ready. Set. Go.

    Chapter 2:
    Eunice The Motherly Slut

    Surprise bitch, 
    bet you thought you seen the last of me.

    As the year ends, I start to realise how the amount of fucks I give
    have gotten so significantly little that I can count the amount of things
    I give a fuck about with my fingers 

    So after all the heartbreaks in chapter 1,
    Chapter 2 is basically how I 'renewed' myself.
    And that was also when the amount of damn I gave went downhill.

    In a horrible slutty yet very motherly way,
    Hey but before you call me a slut,
    ( I am the only one allowed to call myself a slut BITCH YOU HEAR THAT )
    ( unless you're my bestfriend or a bae )

    Okay so how does one become a 'slut' and yet be 'motherly'?

    1. Find a great guy
    2. Interact with the guy to confirm that he is boyfriend material
    3. Get married to him
    4. Introduce him to all your girlfriends
    5. Hope he gets a girlfriend soon.

    Okay just following these 5 easy steps,
    I got married to 4 disgusting faggots
    ( and I wife-d many females but let's put that aside )
    ( Funfact: I'm bisexual but I'll talk about that later )

    You have to understand I wasn't a flirt to any of these 4 fags.
    I 'married' them because I thought they were simply:

    a great boyfriend material :)
    Like you can go up to them and touch their shirt.
    It's totally boyfriend material.
    But if you touch Sean's it's like husband material hot sexy mmhmm pow wow 

    I 'married' them not because I like-liked them.
    I only did that because I thought they were really good guys that deserve
    to be in the list of "Guys That Girls Should/Would Date"

    So yeah having 4 husbands at one time is kinda slutty (nah not really) (slut alert)
    'Marrying' them and looking over them and introducing girls to them
    is my motherly love for them.
    I honestly loved them as if they were my lil kids.

    The funny thing is that all the guys I 'married' were either:
    1. Gay
    2. Zero Interest In Females Species
    3. Gay

     The other funny thing is Sean (Current boyfriend/husband) was the 5th guy to join the list but somehow he made me fall for him instead of my girlfriends
     and I had to divorce with the other 4 guys because hello,
    officially dedicated to one guy.

    Then the funny thing is after our relationship sparked off,
    3 out of 4 of my ex-husbands are now in a relationship.
    ( Update: Oh my god I dragged this post for so long that 2/3 broke up lol fuck )


    ( Considering my update, you don't need to thank me I still love you guys )

    But still, I am really happy for them
    and I wish them happiness and may they stay lovely.
    ( it's the experience right right right )

    I love talking to people in relationships in SST.
    I like how we connect because we want the best for the people we love.
    A wonderful example would be a friend I recently got to know better,
    Mr Pides Low
    But we can talk about that another time.

    For now, let's just get my last ex-hubby laid.

    Nur Shaquille

    Reasons You Should Date Him:

    1. Faggot but nice guy
    2. Jack Of All Trades
    3. Can cook
    4. Can take many videos in your bedroom u noe (haram)
    5. Social Butterfly
    6. Baby killer
    7. You'll almost never be late for dates cause he will be the late fag
    8. You can use his bag #Unisex
    9. You don't need to wear heels ever
    10. He's Malay

    Are these 10 reasons enough?
    Cause dear females, even males find him attractive.

    back to the topic on why one should never follow my footsteps.
    I mean that I found that method really retarded honestly.
    But those guys were the ones that gave me a sense of hope that
    there's still good guys in this planet
    and it's just that all the ones I dated so far are like ew ew.

    But seriously,
    don't try doing what I did.
    You're not me.
    And you're going to get hurt because it's copyright infringement.

    If you still want to try being a motherly slut,
    go on, don't blame me if your outcome turns bad and
    everybody thinks you're a slut and you go into depression.
    I warned ya.

    Don't be a motherly slut.
    Be Yonce.


    Anyway I would like to not encourage the word 'slut' especially if you're a male.
    Cause girls can go from 0 to 100 REALLL quick.

    Now that's edgy. 

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