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  • Thursday, November 20, 2014 {8:36 PM}
  • ♥ Out Of The Book

    After a week of not posting, 
    I am back.

    And unfortunately, not with Chapter 2.

    Stay hungry.

    Today we're going 'Out Of The Book' 
    aka away from all the chapters of 2014.

    Well today we're just going to get personal.

    Well it all started when I was walking around my house
     in my underwear and I realize:
     'Damn I got some balls ( no I actually don't have balls ) to do shit like this.' 

    For all of you who think that it's weird walking around with your underwear 
    You are seriously missing out of some good stuff .
    Like seriously.

    A lot of people if not everybody I know tend to have insecurities.
    So they're afraid to show skin, let alone be comfortable in their own skin.
    I'm not just talking about females by the way,
    males are humans too and they have insecurities.

    You know what makes my heartache?
    When I see a really adorable person that I simply adore endlessly 
    continuously insult themselves about 
    'Not Being Good Enough'

    Oh darling, you got to understand that 
    you're not the one who is ugly,
    society is.

    Oops truth spoken don't arrest me.

    I feel like some people need to gain more confidence.
    And I as a friend should help them.

    Today, we're going to focus mainly on looks as that is to me,
    one of the biggest factors of insecurities and besides,
    people judge you at first sight from your looks.
    Admit it.

    Trust me,
     for me to be writing all this to you today and
    interacting with so many people,
    it took time and lots of effort.

    Let me just talk about how goddamn insecure I was back then.
    And even maybe now.

    Back then I NEVER, EVER wanted to take a selfie.


    Some people who were born with good looks and perfect skin don't understand shit like this.
    They can never, I fucking swear, empathize with you,
    But I can (sadly heh)

    I always admired the people who weren't afraid of taking selfies.
    Those who post like a Instagram picture a day with their face.
    These are people who has so much confidence
    that they are proud to show their face to the society.

    Besides being annoying by spamming your feed with their faces,
    they're hella confidence.
    And I think they deserve a clap for that.
    Yay you.

    Well done you whores.
    I love you too.

    The thing that we should all learn from them is how
    to love yourself
    and appreciate who the fuck you are.

    Sure you can look unglam in every photo but
    hey, at least it can make people laugh?

    Yeah I want you to fight with all those inner demons,
    tell those motherfuckers that 


    Look at yourself in the mirror and learn to appreciate who you are.
    Because goddamn, you are good looking.

    I get it, some of us has so many fucking imperfections,
    that it gets so hard to go out everyday and be comfortable with our skin.

    If you want to be confident,
    you have to put in the effort.
    Ya'll think fucking Santa going to come up to your door being like
    'Oh hello dear here's some beauty for Christmas now you're perfect.'
    Even a 4 year old asian knows that ain't going to happen for SHIT.

    Don't ever run up to me,
    crying about how ugly/fat you are,
    and how you don't bother trying,
    because if you want me to help you:

    For me to struct around in my underwear, 
    wear crop tops or whatever,
    it takes confidence.

    And where do I get that from?
    From the efforts I made.

    I know how being ugly feels.
    I know how it feels like to wake up everyday
    to see pimples FUCKING PIMPLES GEEZUS invading my face.
    seeing a bloated face,
    seeing tummy fats,
    fat thighs and stretchmarks.

    I know how this shit feels like.
    It feels like fucking shit that is how it feels like.
    Waking up to see that ugly face everyday,
    watching how people are so pretty/handsome while you ain't even close,
    I know that fucking feel.

    And it took quite sometimes for me to come to where I am today,
    on how I am confident with my body.
    And how I am confident with the way I interact with people.

    Back then I was so upset with my body.
    People called me fat.
    And they still do today.
    But honestly, I may not be a stick but I love my body.
    Sure I have fat thighs and fat butt,
    but I learnt how to love it.

    I used to work out so much,
    going running just to impress the guys when I'm finally thin.
    But seriously Eunice,
    WHO are you trying to impress here?
    SO WHAT if you became thinner? 
    Is there people going to clap for you?
    You know why? 
    Because you weren't even fat in the first place.
    Boom, just like that I finally realise how to love my body.

    I told myself that so what if people called me fat?
    Bitch I ain't even 50kg how am I fat?

    So to all the bitches who called me fat or ugly or whatever shit,

    Fuck you.

    Thank you for the insult but no thanks.


    Victims just don't get it.
    They don't get how they're not fat or ugly at all in the first place.
    And when they do get it, they will fucking facepalm,
    laugh about it and love themselves.

    We all have insecurities but there's two ways to deal with it.
    If you think you're fat, work out.
    Go to the gym, go take a run, improve until you're happy with your body.
    it's not how people see you,
    it's how YOU see yourself.
    And know that it takes time.

    Unhappy about your face?
    Don't like the pimples on your face?
    Then buy some pimple cream, 
    get a face cleanser whatever, research about why you have pimples on certain areas.
    Trust me
    if you really wanted a perfect skin,
    you have to put in lots of efforts.
    The amount of effort you put in will reflect on the results.

    Insecure about making friends and speaking up?
    Practice my dear practice.
    Start by speaking more to your friends 
    and slowly work your way up the social ladder.
    It's okay to be awkward, everybody is.

    Finally, just be happy.
    Be happy with yourself.
    If you want to be confident, you got to be happy with yourself.
    Just like how I am happy with myself now.

    Remember, there's always a sliver lining.
    As long as you think positive,
     you'll still find many reasons to love yourself.

    Sure, I grow endless amount of pimples 
    BUT my pimples are not permanent. 

    I may have dry skin 
    BUT I can always cure it with moisturizer which I am too lazy to use

    I may be hairy 
    BUT I can always shave, Duh.

    I may have stretchmarks on my thighs,
    BUT I can always buy the stretchmark fading cream to cure it.

    I may have wrinkly hands,
    BUT Sean stills like holding my hand.

    I may have people who hate me
    BUT I have people who love me.

    Did you see what I did there?
    It all comes down to you and your mindset.
    And how you take in those 'insults'.
    You can laugh it off or you could brood about it all night crying to yourself.
    It's your choice.

    it's not about just the looks.
    To find confidence, 
    you can find stuff that you enjoy or is good in.

    For me, 
    I feel confident and happy when cooking, dancing whatever.
    So find your own confidence,
    there's TONS of methods to smile.

    The human mind is an extraordinary thing.
    It can kill you, destroy you,
    but yet if you turn on the happy switch,
    you'll never be happier.

    Oh and remember,

    Stay smiley dear.
    And see you on Chapter 2. 

    Oh and holy shit you guys I have over 1k views on my blog for the first post you guys are fucking insane bye I love you
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